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Post date: 11-11-2017

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Family meal is one of the most beautiful cultures of Vietnamese. Family Meals are not just for enjoying good dishes, but also a time for family members to be gathered together and share stories about works and experiences in a single day that each one has. Apart from sharing, the meals also bring to the whole family an atmosphere of warmth, laughter and joy that can hardly be found anywhere else.


Vinatourism Family meal

When being together like that becomes a daily routine, family members learn by themselves how to share work, empathy, love and bonding. Those are indispensable which this habit brings to each person.


Meals – sharing and bonding among family members

Meals are not necessary to be prepared so fussy. Just the familiar ingredients and the simple processing to be enough three main food groups are vegetables, a main dish and soup. Especially, don’t forget a cup of good-taste sauce. The meal is considered complete with enough all of those things. The most important thing is not the good food or expensive, but the sharing and bonding among family members.


Vinatourism Family meal

Sauce is considered as the soul in the Vietnamese meals.


If you have a chance you taste the family meal during your trip to visit Vietnam with Vinatourism, you will feel all as a great family because Vietnamese people are very friendly and hospitable

Behavior in the Vietnamese family meal - Vinatourism

In the time of meal, it is also expressed clearly the culture of communication and behavior of the Vietnamese. Looking at the way that the meal take place, you can guess the position and role of family members. Traditionally, the women who take care of housework in the family, will be the ones sitting next to the rice cooker to be able to dig the rice up for the rest members of the family. The first person to be dug rice up is the one who has the largest position in the family and follows the order for the other members. The digger is always the last one to be dug rice up. If a family has only parents and children, housework will usually be done by the mother. If a family has parents living with grown up sons and daughters, then the rice is usually be digged up by the eldest daughter in the family. If all the childrens in the family have already married, then housework will usually be handed over to the wife of the oldest son in the house.

Going along with Vinatourism to visit Vietnam, you can see the Vietnamese family meal is not just a the place where food gathering, but also the best place to show a family orderly. During the meal, the members not only talked cheerfully, but the parents and grandparents could use it as a time to teach their children something like: “When you eat, check the pots and pans; When you sit, check the direction” or “Learn to eat, learn to speak, learn to open and learn to packages” Along with the lessons of human ethics, ways to behave with the others ... – Vinatourism./.

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