Around Cai Be floating market with student tour Vietnam

Located in Cai Be district of Tien Giang province; Cai Be floating market lies at the intersection where the Tien river shares the border among three provinces of Tien Giang, Vinh Long and Ben Tre.

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Visit the nearly 300-year-old market with student tour Vietnam
Cai Be floating market is very well known by one of the wholesale floating market in the west-south of Vietnam. Although its origin is still unknown, many people still consider that the market was formed from the end of the 18th centuries when the first founders came here and settled down after the declaration of constructing Cai Be town by the Nguyen Lord in 1732.

Buying and selling – student tour Vietnam
Buying and selling – student tour Vietnam

Buying local products with student tour Vietnam
Together with Cai Rang, Phung Hiep, Phong Dien floating markets, Cai Be floating market stands out as one of the influential markets in Mekong Delta. Coming to Cai Be district, visitors are not only visiting floating market, but also enjoying the mango, grapefruit, guava, apple, jackfruit, plum orchards along the riverside of Tien river in Cai Be district. Taking a rowing boat along the shady canals to any local orchard, tourists can enjoy the local tropical fruits, visit artisan workshops to see the handicraft producers, and explore the daily life of local people working on the lush green paddy fields.

To know products for sales with student tour Vietnam
By rafts and boats, farmers bring their goods, fruits and vegetables to the markets and sell them to local dealers. Trading begins as early as 04:00 am till sunrise, the waterways are crowded by boats and sampans of marketeers and customers. To attract customers, sellers hang a sample of their wares on a bamboo pole in front of the boat that is called “cay beo” in dialect. Goods, fruit and many other commodities are shifted for selling to create such a lively and beautiful river painting at the fertile Mekong Delta region.


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