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Right across the street from Notre Dame Cathedral, The Central Post Office in Sai Gon is a beautifully preserved vestige of French. This is the tourist attraction of two cultural buildings that offers visitors a chance to imagine life in Vietnam during the times of the Indochinese period.

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Study the foundation of the buildings with student tour Vietnam
Saigon Central Post Office was designed by Villedieu, a famous French architect and constructed between 1886 – 1891 by Gustave Eiffel, the famous engineer who also designed the Eiffel Tower in Paris. With a mixture of Gothic and Renaissance influences, this building fascinates tourists by its typically French architectural features of aesthetic and historical values from exterior to interior decorations.

The architecture of the post office – student tour Vietnam
The facade retaining cubic structure with the arches above the entrances has recorded the names and faces of the characters, representatives of French celebrities. Among these names is the President of the United States Benjamin Franklin, the Italian inventor Alessandro Volta, the British physicist Michael Faraday, French mathematician André-Marie Ampère, Gay Lussac, Oerstedt, Ohm, Arago, Galvani, Foucault, and Laplace. Together with the names and the faces, there are also some inscriptions, which he would like to dedicate these illustrious characters related to discoveries and advances in the field of electricity. Over the main entrance, the large clock has been working with the building since its finish in 1891.

Central Post Office in 1960’s – student tour Vietnam
Central Post Office in 1960’s – student tour Vietnam

Let’s go inside with student tour Vietnam
Coming inside, there are two painted maps that were created just after the Sai Gon Central Post Office was built, the first one located on the left side of the building is a map of Southern Vietnam and Cambodia titled “Lignes telegraphiques du Sud Vietnam et Cambodge 1892” which translates to "Telegraphic lines of Southern Vietnam and Cambodia 1892". The second map of greater Saigon is titled “Saigon et ses environs 1892” that translates as "Saigon and its surroundings 1892”. At the end of its barrel-vaulted hall, a large portrait of Ho Chi Minh, the beloved leader of Vietnamese people, takes pride of place after 1975. Space is big and airy, ceiling is designed with arc shape which was carried by the two rows of steel pillars, this makes the building look grander and more stable.

Two painted maps on the barrel-vaulted hall – student tour Vietnam
Two painted maps on the barrel-vaulted hall – student tour Vietnam

Services at the Post office – student tour Vietnam
The Post Office works daily from 07:00 to 19:00 and offers all kinds of traditional postal services like calling, mailing, parceling, buying postcards or stamps, searching a remembrance book and browsing memorable souvenir of your visit. Foreign money exchange is also available. The address of Sai Gon Central Post Office is at number 2, Paris Commune Street, District 1. It’s quite easy to get there on foot, bike or motorbike from other attractions like Reunification Palace, War Remnants Museum or Saigon Opera House and the People’s Committee Building./.


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