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From over 2,000 years ago until the 19th century, most of Dong Thap Muoi was just a flooded plain, except for a few mounds rising five to seven meters above sea level. These mounds became the residential and worship places of ancient inhabitants. Along with the presence of ancient people, the Funan Kingdom and Oc Eo Culture was born in the first century before the birth of Jesus Christ and lasted till the seventh century.

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Inhabitants in Mekong Delta 2,000 years ago – find out with student tour Vietnam
While excavating one of the ancient mounds and along creeks at the foot of the mound, named Go Thap, in Dong Thap Muoi, archeologists found numerous artifacts of inhabitants including samples of raw and colored ceramics, bricks, manipulated wood, jewelry, coal, animal bone, pestles, grindstones, cookers, and bowls. They also found vestiges of nonnative artifacts such as terra-cotta, ceramics, and glass beads imported from the northern region. This reveals the lifestyle and community of inhabitants over 2,000 years ago. It also proves that Dong Thap Muoi was a center of trade and a stop for foreign boats on their routes from Indonesia and Malaysia to China and Japan. The development of maritime technology allowed ancient people to build bigger ships for farther travelling. Then, Funan Kingdom could control from the eastern part of the coast to the Me Nam valley in Thailand in the west and also the northern part of the Malaysian peninsula in the south. Ethnic Malays and Indonesians were good at trade, and Mon-Khmer skilled at farming began occupying the area. Religious dignitaries from India also came to spread Buddhism and Hinduism.

2,000 year old bricks – student tour Vietnam
2,000 year old bricks – student tour Vietnam

Visit Go Thap Archaeological area with student tour Vietnam
The vast Dong Thap Muoi is a distinctive low-lying area covering parts of Long An, Tien Giang and Dong Thap provinces; Go Thap is at the highest part of Dong Thap Muoi area. Located at Tan Kieu commune and far from 11 km kilometers northwards of Thap Muoi district, Dong Thap province; The Go Thap Archaeological Area is quite a peaceful area but well known for its cultural and historical value through five relics: Thap Muoi hill, Co Tu tower, Binh Kieu grave, Minh Su temple and Xu Lady temple. The site is ideal for visitors to pass through forests where one can see the extreme beauty of nature and glimpse the daily life of the locals. Visiting Go Thap, tourists will be amazed at the primitive landscape. In the dry season, Go Thap has many boundless and sinuous sand dunes. In the rainy season, Go Thap looks like a dazzling white lake with green trees and grass mounds as islets.


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