Go to the Cai Rang floating market with student tour Vietnam

Just 6km from Can Tho city to Cai Rang bridge at Cai Rang district, the Cai Rang Floating Market is one of the wholesale floating market in the Mekong river Delta, the market starting from the dawn and running until around midday, is not only a crowded area of trading fruits and agricultural products but also a unique cultural space in Can Tho.

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Come with student tour Vietnam to the Cai Rang floating market
People said that “If one has not visited floating market, he has not discovered the south-west of Vietnam, the liveliest part of life at the land of rivers, canals and ditches”. The floating market came into being by the need of exchanging agricultural products, and basic things connected local people living near rivers and canals. It was formed when road and means of transportation had not been developed yet. Since then, in spite of widely developed road transportation, the floating market remains and develops more and more bustling. Interestingly, these floating markets are often organized at the junction of rivers. There, the water level of rivers is not too deep, and river surface is not too wide, which is convenient for boats to moor.

Hearing the interesting name of the floating market with student tour Vietnam
The name of the Cai Rang floating market has been existing for a long time, but its origin has not been clear. Legendarily, when this land was being explored, there was a big crocodile coming. Its teeth were plugged into the river's bank, thus, the land was called Cai Rang (means a tooth).

A busy market – student tour Vietnam
A busy market – student tour Vietnam

Buyer and seller at Cai Rang market – student tour Vietnam
Every early morning, hundreds of boats stretches half kilometre from Cai Rang bridge downstream Can Tho river and their owners start to sell agro-products such as: vegetables, coconut, banana, watermelon, grapefruit, dragon fruit and so on. It is very easy to learn that boats identify what to be sold, they hang out product samples off the top of a long bamboo (called Cay Beo) in front of the boats, so that they do not need to cry their wares as in mainland market. Besides of agro-products, this market has most services of a normal market on land. Small boats that sell soft drinks, wine, many kinds of snacks and local soup for breakfast go among the others to serve market-goers and visitors. Other services like mending machine, selling gasoline, mobile card, clothes, cosmetic, grocery sales, spicy, etc all are available here.

A long bamboo with products hang off the top – student tour Vietnam
A long bamboo with products hang off the top – student tour Vietnam

To see a mobile apartment with student tour Vietnam
Soaking up in the bustling atmosphere of the Cai Rang floating market, visitors can observe and learn life of many families with several generations living together on boats. It seems to be a "mobile apartment" on the river with animals, kitchen units, full interior, including motorcycle parked on the boat. All daily activities of traders' family take place on boats. The Cai Rang floating market with its bustling and joyful atmosphere, is quite convenient for tourists to enjoy the cultural life in Can Tho./.


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