Have a view Sai Gon river with student tour Vietnam

A river is the core of any city that lies on its banks, without the river, the city would not exist. Most major cities with a long history are closely associated with their river: Rome has the Tiber, Paris the Seine, London the Thames, Cairo the Nile, Bangkok the Chao Phraya, Ha Noi the Hong, and Sai Gon city shares the same name with the Sai Gon river – the special one of Sai Gon in Viet Nam.

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Upstream the Sai Gon river with student tour Vietnam
The Sai Gon river flows south and south-southeast from Cambodia through 29 kilometres (18 mi) on the South of Viet Nam before emptying into the East Sea, some 20 kilometres (12 mi) northeast of the Mekong Delta.

Cruise on Sai Gon river – student tour Vietnam
Cruise on Sai Gon river – student tour Vietnam

To know the important role of Sai Gon river with student tour Vietnam
Far from the past, the majority of travelers arrived in Sai Gon by river, their first impressions of the city were from the deck of the vessel they were sailing on. Now, the Sai Gon river is important to Sai Gon city as it is the main water supply as well as the busy and commercial hub of Sai Gon port. There are many boats of all sizes such as: tankers, cruise ships, tourist barges, river taxis, floating restaurants, industrial barges, private yachts, military vessels, and motor-canoes on the river.

Relax with student tour Vietnam in the sunset at Sai Gon river
Boating on the Sai Gon river at sunset, visitors have a chance to see the varied lifestyles surrounding this busy metropolis such as: a riverside promenade for an evening stroll, the walkway with benches and street lamps, the city skyscrapers and ancient houses, industrial zones and bridges up and down the Sai Gon river at night.


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