Relax at My Khanh Tourism Village with student tour Vietnam

Located on historic Lo Vong Cung street, My Khanh village is a special garden style eco-tourist site among a lush and wealthy place with many special tropical fruit gardens at Phong Dien district, about five kilometers from Can Tho city.

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Visit My Khanh village with student tour Vietnam
My Khanh Village is home to more than 20 fruit crops intertwined each other along the entrance paths. With good rural traffic systems, developed community based tourism and many traditional handicraft villages of southern people, My Khanh Ecotourism Village is very convenient for tourists to approach by boats or road vehicles. Coming here to feel relaxed as well as comfortable with fresh and cool air from tree lines, to discover and learn about lifestyle of the local people in Mekong Delta, to enjoy fruit and listen to traditional live music, to visit the ancient Southern house; Visitors can also take on the costume to play role of farmers catching fish in natural ponds, or of landlord biking around the traditional handicraft villages and fruit gardens.

In the fruit garden – student tour Vietnam
In the fruit garden – student tour Vietnam

Enjoy with student tour Vietnam at the tourist village
Inside My Khanh tourist village, there are a traditional rice paper maker and rice wine maker. Wood stove is ablaze, visitors can understand the heat rising from the stove, the dexterity and professional hands of craftsman are skillful to make rice paper round and flat. From traditional craft villages, the way ahead take tourist to the culinary garden characterized the Mekong Delta with its specialties such as steamed snails with pepper, steamed shrimp with coconut, fried gourami fish, baby rabbits, snakes, tortoises, bats, cuckoos and crocodiles, etc. The meals include regional fruits such as rambutans, durians, plums, longans, mango, mangosteens, jackfruit, oranges, tangerines and pomeloes.


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