Visit Gao Giong ecological tourist area with student tour Vietnam

Located in Gao Giong Commune and 20km far from the centre of Cao Lanh city, Dong Thap province; Gao Giong Eco-Tourism Area is considered as a miniature of Dong Thap Muoi with its beautiful and charming landscape in the western region in South Vietnam.

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Enjoy green tourism with student tour Vietnam at Gao Giong
The green oasis-like area is divided into four areas with over 70km of canals and 20km of self-contained dikes. The mangrove forest in Gao Giong covers 1,700ha, including 250ha of primitive forest that creates a wild beauty. Standing on the observatory in the middle of the eco-tourism area, tourists have a birds’-eye-view of an immense area with the distinctive landscape of Dong Thap Muoi. Relaxing and enjoying on small sampans rowed by gentle women on criss-crossing canals through thick mangrove forests, tourists arrive in a 40ha bird sanctuary, one of the “must-see” destinations in the eco-tourism area.

Food court of Gao Giong eco-tourism area – student tour Vietnam
Food court of Gao Giong eco-tourism area – student tour Vietnam

Call the right names of bird and fish with student tour Vietnam
The bird sanctuary is the habitat of diversified species including white egrets, sparrows, herons, water birds, wild ducks. It has now over 200 species of birds, including many listed on the Vietnam and the World Red Books, such as O tac (Otididae), Nhan diem and Giang sen (Mycteria leucocephala). The area is also famous for a plentiful resource of aquatic products, including snakeheads, anabas and That lat (Notopteridae) and especially Rohu from the shallow lake in western Cambodia.

Panoramic view – student tour Vietnam
Panoramic view – student tour Vietnam

Relax in the ecological tourist area with student tour Vietnam
Gao Giong is most beautiful in flood season with an immense area covered with already-harvested rice-fields, the yellow of Dien dien (Sesbania sesban) flower, the red of water-lilies, the violet of Giant Crape-myrtle, the pink of lotus and the green of mangrove forest. All form a romantic colourful natural painting hardly seen anywhere else. Especially at dawn and at sunset, the melodies are a nice background to the inherent stillness, thousands of birds hover above a corner of the forest to sing happy songs. Moreover, tourists will also have a chance to learn about the daily life of people in the watery area and enjoy delicious dishes, such as grilled snakehead rolled in lotus leaves, baked rats, sour soup of Dien dien flowers and steamed snails with a special taste./.


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