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You will be surprised about the Vietnamese Breakfast when you visit Vietnam with Vinatourism.

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Breakfast is the first meal of the day, usually in the morning after waking up with a light snack menu, accompanied by simple soft drinks like tea, coffee, milk, fruit juices or the simplest is the filtered water. Nutrition experts say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, because the body after a long night digest all the food which you ate in dinner of the day before. Breakfast will re-energize your day-to-day activities, learning and working. It should be the most nutritious meal in the day so that the body can start an active day. Many people still think that breakfast is not necessary because it takes time and it's often overlooked. But this is a fatal mistake. Failure to eat breakfast will result many unpredictable mental and physical consequences and may even harm your health for long-term after..

Every region, nation, country ... Every culture in the world has their own way to experient breakfast. This depends on the habits and customs of each place.

You will be surprised about the Vietnamese Breakfast when you visit Vietnam with Vinatourism.


So what do the Vietnamese have for breakfast?


Simple breakfast in the contryside


In the countryside, Vietnamese breakfast has begun with simple food. Because their main job is farming, they often choose nutritious foods that keep them awake and especially is lighten their body so that they can be easily work. Therefore, they often have breakfast with chicken eggs together with bread, or rice. Porridges is also a popular breakfast. In addition, Vietnamese breakfast is never lack hot tea - the drinks make the mind conscious and lucid to be ready for a day of activity.


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They often have breakfast with chicken eggs together



Breakfast with coffee in the urban


Vietnamese people living in urban areas often have breakfast a little more fussily. They often choose fancy dishes such as broken rice with grilled meat or phở, the dishes varied from rice noodle. Stewed beef cubes with bread is also a favorite dish for Vietnames breakfast. Those who do not want to spend too much time for breakfast will choose the hot sticky rice, bread… In addition, Western-style dishes such as pasta, beefsteak are also won the hearts of the urban population. And in particular, city people do not usually drink tea at breakfast. They prefer coffee. Almost everyone must have a cup of coffee after each breakfast and before entering the work.


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Bun bo Hue and coffe for breakfast in the urban


To foreigners visit Vietnam at first time, alook at how Vietnamese people eat in breakfast, they often think that these foods are most likely to make the body heavy and difficult to focus on working because the digestive system has to work quite heavy to digest such foods. But for the Vietnamese, those dishes have become traditional and we think nothing can help us start a great work day by starting with our favorite dish.

Let’s visit VietNam to enjoy breakfast with us!!!



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